Make a Revolution of Responsibility!

Can you see that "realizing peace" was, is and will always be the purpose of social change? Then the revolution is ready to materialize on the front page of this website. Remember "The Revolution will not be televised"? The change that needs to happen, is in our head. What makes of you either a revolutionary, an Occupy, a Wikileaks fan, an Anon, or now a "Repeacer" is first of all, a cognitive action. Here are the things you can do to reclaim power through this website.

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Activists, write a new narrative together!

If you identify with the fact that the purpose of all activism is to remove social "conflicts," and can stand behind 1,2 or 3 of the front page commitments, you are a Repeacer. By voting on the 3 commitments, you're not asking specific legislation directly, but object to the human values that our autorities ignore. Expand now on the idea of Antiwar advocacy," since it has lost relevance. We want to use this strategy and this platform to eventually connect and build a new form of consent.

Clicking on the 3 commitments is the first simple act in writing a new kind of narrative, that doesn't require protests or petitions.

Free thinkers, authors, journalists

The big question whether humanity can get over its own conflicted nature and its own wars, begins with those who are so adamantly advocating for "peace."

The very nature of independence, individuality, much elevated by progressive people is conflicted. If someone's unable to think as a collective for the sake of unity and cohesion, then she/he's not worthy of the term "human." The famous way of saying “the proof is in the pudding” is now laying in the hands of all free thinkers. Can we think and act as a collective, before the final hour strikes, or will we desperately cling to our individuality, while we watch our cities bombed, or swept away by devastating hurricanes and floods?

If free thinkers can agree that the aim of social participation is to relieve and prevent conflicts, (realizes peace), they can identify as "Repeacers." We hope that they will add their voices to the 3 commitments on the front page. Create a butterfly effect now.

Unlikely candidates in political campaigns.

In more and more nations, the values of transparency in government, "accountability," support of local economies, protection of the right to assemble, divestment in green technologies, is being promoted by the underdogs.

They are shaping and riding revolution waves, but never seem to have enough traction to push a wedge through the cracks opening in this corrupted system.

We urge you to consider gathering all your followers behind the 3 repeace commitments, build a demand for the values we already share, add your name as representatives in the REPRESENTATIVES commitment and challenge your opponents in the establishment to do the same. As they won't be able to make a commitment like you can, you may gain unexpected attention before elections by Repeacers who will seek to support you.

Unions, Nurses, Teachers, Miners, Students, etc.

Every single union of worker, association of students, minority, teachers, after proper evaluation of the Repeace vision, can join in and urge their members to know about us and the 3 commitments.


Artists, your work and creativity transcends all the lies and the deceptions of our ruling elites. As we hope to get Banksy to spray paint the repeace logo on some wall or building, we sure hope that anyone of you may be inspired to draw, design, photograph models with the 3 fingers salute, or create works of art inspired by repeace iconography.

Anonymous artists.. take the challenge. Send us your work. Be featured in our online main banner now.

Represenatives of all institutions. It's time to make a commitment to responsibility.

Why shouldn't someone like Bernie Sanders join Repeace?

Whether you are a politician in a political party, a member of the UN, a board member in a school, hospital or college, an executive in a NGO, you are a representative of people. Your first duty is to serve the interests of a the collective. The world does not have much confidence with your service, and questions your loyalties. This is a good time to take a stand and show on which side you are.

You can wait for the US pledge counts on the front page to become critical and encourage you to add your name to the representatives list or you can be among the first ones. All change starts with a commitment, or two. All big things starts out small.

It's our plan to create a database of those of you who have pledged, and promote you, network you with people who may love to know that you wish to promote responsibility, accountability and freedom of expression.

NGOs, Small businesses, Cooperatives, Organic farmers.

The largest multinationals may control everything, but all the rest of the entities, small biz, co-ops, green farmers, independent media, new creative ventures, have been already coping with this and "realizing peace", as we say. You have been preventing all kinds of conflicts by acting responsibly, producing sustainably and creating new syndicated forms of ownership.

Those among you, who share the values behind the 3 repeace pledges, and wish to share with your communities and the world that you're participating in a more responsible, compassionate and sustainable world, you can now take the corporate pledge and add your name.

For all kinds of NGOs, taking the repeace pledge presents a great opportunity to set themselves apart from so called astroturfs, fake grassroots movements, fueled by billionaires.

We will promote and connect you with local repeacers. Greenpeace, Amnesty, PETA, 350, do you repeace too?

International Activists. you want money out of politics?

Why take money out of politics and get the US 1% to stop cracking down on dissent only in the USA, when all humans can change the rules in every single nations with one set of online commitments? Impossible? Can you click and fill out a form and have some faith?

Repeace wants to empower France, the UK, Iceland, Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, Greece, etc. if YOU participate in this new form of change.

Make the 3 repeace commitments and reclaim the narrative. All international activists can join here in support, and it's important that they do! This is for you.

Intellectuals, social scientists.

If you're an intellectual, a writer, author, journalist, social scientist, culture critic, historian, who have long been wondering about the elusive question "what on Earth will it take to stop this madness?" and are inspired by our vision and strategy, please help us. Join us. Start applying the term "repeacing" in your reporting and writing and create a new consciouness around the exercise of social change and activism that is positive, proactive, global.

Debate with students and among other free thinkers the question raised by repeace: Has the dogma "War & Peace" been humanity's biggest and longest fallacy?

Cynic, apathetics.

Have you been hesitant about being active, participating in the social discourse? Are you confused about politics, maybe you quit, temporarily or for good? We have more than sympathy for how you feel and can imagine why you're so frustrated.

Truth is that the world needs you now. There is something simple you can still do to grow hope in humanity. Unconventional ideas are looking for your participation. Without you, there can be no change, and without a commitment, there can be no BIG change.

Can you make a commitment? Wether you're just enticed or feel totally inspired to get more involved in repeace, click on the 3 commitment, they are free. Take the ones that you feel are right, then share this page.

If we will overcome our biggest challenges, it will only be together.

Pacifists, Antiwar, veterans for love and peace folks.

After 50 years of passionate actions, you may feel that nobody listens to you. Is it because they managed to frame you as "Hippies," as unpatriotic, or because screaming "STOP WARS NOW" fell on deaf ears? Is it because "Imagine peace" is nothing more than an inspiring sentence or that people can't imagine anything that matters today?

If your hopes and dreams haven't vanished, we ask you do imagine something more practical, responsibility, and focus your future strategy in inciting responsibility and sustainability by taking the 3 commitments. No matter how it goes from now on, let's try to demand something that can be heard, and let's demand it in a language that is universally understood!

Peace is the absence of fear.