Repeacing Fake Liberals sounds like this

A week after election results, we share a few thoughts by a friend who holds accountable the false progressives who have created plenty of violence before and after the elections. The truth is always hard to swallow. If this challenges some self proclaimed Liberals, then there must be a lot of truth in these words. It's okay to be angry, to understand where that anger comes from, to transform it in action by exposing the people who need to be confronted.


--"I'm angry at Hillary supporters. You treated us like s*it during the primaries. You were abusive, condescending, demeaning, and really ugly to Sanders supporters. You worked hard to delegitimize claims that the DNC wasn't running a fair primary process - what was glaringly obvious to many was dismissed as conspiracy theory. Yet every single thing we suspected turned out to be true - and then some. Meanwhile, in my own case, despite maintaining a civil and respectful approach during the primary, I was almost daily called really nasty names. Like "b*tch," "idiot," "AH," "c*nt," "child," "basement dweller," "loser," and more.

Then, when Hillary unfairly and unethically received the nomination, you engaged in even more warfare against your fellow citizens- people who are GENUINELY liberal. You shamed, bullied, gaslighted and threatened all those who were not showing enough signs of "falling in line." It wasn't enough that YOU gave corruption and completely unethical behavior and a verifiably, terribly weak candidate a hall pass, you badgered the s*it out of those who weren't drinking the insane koolaid.

You fell for and vociferously defended media bias and outright propaganda. You ignored media and campaign collusion. (Yet you claim to be for democracy? Seriously?) And you went on and on about Supreme Court nominations. Supreme Court nominations that will now be decided by TRUMP.

Now you want us to baby you, and feel sorry for you. NOW you're angry. NOW you're galvanized. It was ok when people you don't approve of were being hurt by your own party. It's ok that your own party and candidate kill brown people in other nations, both through extralegal warfare and via deadly economic policies that have wreaked havoc on millions.


But NOW you're angry.

Not only were Sanders supporters 100% right about this election, not only were REPEATED polls correct, not only did we call every single bit of unethical bullshit, only later to have our observations empirically proven, and not only did millions of us have to deal with what can be described as nothing short of abuse by our fellow (so-called) liberals, but now the people you abused, people who saw it all clear as day all along - you try to blame THEM for voting their conscience.

No matter that the math for that simply doesn't add up. But you don't care about the facts, do you? You didn't during the campaign, and you aren't yet showing many signs of doing so now. No, it's always someone else's fault, your losing, which is really reflective of the candidate and her camp itself - no accountability, very little integrity.

Like so many, I've gone through a lot of emotions this past week. I've endeavored to remain quiet about it, because my goal has been to reach a state of forgiveness toward ALL parties, after this s*it-show of an election. This utter, and utterly PREVENTABLE travesty.


But I can't get there without saying this.

You were effing AHs to a whole lot of people and so many of you caused a whole lot of harm to other human beings. It wasn't enough to just back your damn candidate, on her merits, no, you had to engage in HARM toward your fellow citizens. And now you're protesting, as if you have the high road. And while yes, there is much to protest, and yes, plans need to be made, and YES, vulnerable people absolutely must be protected, your idea that you have some kind of moral high ground is rooted in long-standing liberal delusion.

It is the firm and unquestioned adherence to an identity that imagines itself as being morally superior, while far too often, in fact, belying that idea in both action and a full-blown failure to examine your own party's ACTUAL policymaking and systemic national and global impact. Many conservatives may not be diagnosing our problems adequately, but they sure sense the staggering levels of hypocrisy evinced by the faux left. As they should.

I will find my way forward with forgiving all things, including the shocking treatment Sanders supporters and third party voters received at the hands of people who were willfully deluded. But right now, four days after an election that will indeed impact a generation from the Supreme Court alone, you deserve very little quarter. I've sat silent for days as Hillary supporters wailed online, seemingly completely unaware of the nauseating irony of this entire situation. And it's pretty disgusting.


Meanwhile, I see very, very few people who are ready to jettison partisanship in order to restore ANYTHING decent and intelligent to our shared political and economic futures, and I have seen very little cognizance of how horribly liberals have treated the conservative working class, shaming them, belittling them, demeaning them, invalidating them, marginalizing them and condescending to them - all while their own party worked to gut this nation over time, and all while imagining ourselves as "tolerant," "inclusive," "compassionate," and humane.

Shaming, belittling, and condescending to people's suffering, yes, EVEN when that suffering is expressed in unsavory ways, is neither moral nor enlightened. Liberals do not have the moral high ground, as long as there exists such a chasm between belief, identity and behavior as this. It is beyond time for a painstaking look in the mirror, and for an unflinching inventory of where we've gone wrong. Then, and only then, can we be the party of "protection."

A safety pin is not enough. Harming those you perceive as unsavory or getting in your way is hollow, not moral ground and it is damn well nothing about protection. We can and must stand up to racism, sexism and bigotry and we can and must protect people from unnecessary and preventable harm. We MUST try to reduce trauma in this nation. That includes, however, the deep economic trauma your own party is causing - and the class warfare in which it is engaging. How dare you say you care about the vulnerable when you deploy the tools of class warfare to "put people in their place," as you did during this election, and as you have done to the conservative working class for decades. Many have uttered the MLK saying of late that "riots are the language of the unheard." Indeed. As is, so often, so many types of ugly and unwarranted behavior.

There is a way to stand on genuinely moral ground. But it is going to require that we be unflinching in our moral inventory, and unrelenting in our ability to see the humanity in EVERY single human being."--

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