Repeace Is Anonymous. Does Anonymous Repeace?


You're all looking for ways to beat the corrupted establishment. Anonymous resonates because it has that sense of atonement that people long for. We want to beat the machine and expose its incredible crimes, hold accountable the culprits of fraud and theft, death and mass murder.

Anonymous has broken through the firewalls of many corporations and governments, exposed huge crimes. However, we don't seem yet to be able to break through the thick wall that money has built, and Anonymous' heroes have been arrested and jailed. Alternative media and journalists shy away from supporting Anonymous because the state has successfully framed Anonymous as "an illegal organization of hackers". They see it as a phenomenon that attracts the young generations. Well, don't mess with our youth. Our youth knows what the criminals have done to our world and they wish to reclaim it. The power is there. We just need to find synergistic ways to channel it.

While you look for new reasons and ways to make your voice heard and hold accountable the criminal elite, you may want to look at the reasons you already have, the facts that already create alternative power, specially if they are innocent and can't be arrested. You of all people know the power of an idea... Don't you? .. a Repeacer is already anonymous, according to the principles of the vision. All activist, the 99% are all fighting social injustices and all kinds of conflicts already, hence they realize peace. They have been practicing, realizing peace all along, not only the antiwar advocates. This idea hides pure social leverage and unity. Can you see it? Also Repeacer does not forgive and does not forget. We just have an alternative approach to the whole idea. Instead of protesting, we wish to gather all of you behind 3 pledges. Those are voices... yours! We wish to reclaim the narrative of how things work in the U.S. and in other countries as well. We believe that Anonymous realizes peace/repeaces already, according to our vision.


"We hold accountable" may be just another phrase Anons may like to add to their weapons, and they can add a finger, a thumb to the Victory sign.

So dear Anons, while you seek for ways to empower the victims of abuse and social injustice, consider repeace. How many Anons will add their name to the 3 front page counters? How many millions of you are Repeacers?

"Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." -- Sun Tsu

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repeace on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 02:21

Glad to see that the Ron Paul Tweakers who support Bundy and OAS have not totally taken over Anonymous.

Glad to see that the Ron Paul Tweakers who support Bundy and OAS have not totally taken over Anonymous.
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Tuesday, 07 February 2023

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