Buckminster Fuller famous quote says:


You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

We agree. A new system is what Reciprocity offers in actio. Reciprocity is totally repeacing! Check this out.

From their site: An economy founded on the principle of reciprocation, creates a free flow of goods and services, in a harmonious, healing and sustainable way.

Recipro City is founded on the idea that through reciprocation we can bypass the need to participate in, and support, a corrupt and failing financial system.

I believe we can still get all our needs met by sharing and exchanging, gifting and contributing. When we share freely of our belongings, our time, our talents and our abilities, we don't need that system, near as much as it needs us.

Everyone has stuff laying around that they don't use, want or need.... but not everyone has money. You can exchange those things, for other things, in my store. Check out the photo album of current inventory to get an idea of what I have to offer. There is a constantly changing selection of items, from original art to gently used books and music, to crystals and hand made jewelry, clothing, household items, baby stuff..... on and on...

My store will always have a mystical vibe because I am a mystic. It will always lean to the spiritual, metaphysical. I honor all belief systems. Please know that whatever yours is, you are welcome I my place, as long as you come with Love and good will.

I will consider any item, for reciprocation, that is clean and in good condition. If I have an over abundance, of any particular item, I may turn down your offer. I am currently limited on space, therefore limited on what I can take in. I am working on manifesting a larger space.

I also welcome gift certificates for any kind of services you have to offer. Anything from plumbing, electrical or automotive, to things like 2 hours of yard work or 3 homemade organic meals.

I am of the opinion that ending the use of currency is the only way we will be able to remake our world, into a place of abundance for all.

Money has enslaved us but we have the power to free ourselves. This system requires our support. I actually believe that the economy is "the beast". The only way to end the reign of "the beast" is to starve it of money.... keep your money away from it, in every possible way you can think of.

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