Ladies and Ladies. Gentlemen and Gentlemen


After the recent SCOTUS decision to grant the right to marry to all GLBT members, in all U.S. States, here's how the community can repurpose its passionate activism to benefit all causes, in all nations, with 3 clicks of a mouse.

Ladies and Ladies. Gentlemen and Gentlemen... Maybe President Obama could have been inspired by the same opening statement when SCOTUS granted marriage equality to all U.S. states in June of this year.

With this opening statement former president of the Swiss Confederation Moritz Leuenberger welcomed a large crowd of cheering GLBT members on Christopher Street day in Zurich in 2001, when he promised to finally get action on equality and provide equal rights to the unmet grievances of equal rights under the law.

That was his way to recognize that the right to love is inalienable and had to be extended also to the GLBT community. Since 5 June 2005, Swiss GLBT couples have most of the same rights and protections as opposite-sex couples.

The issue of strategically framing of the issue, “Civil Unions” vs. “Marriage” has been debated enough, but now it’s all good. U.S. GLBT couples can finally have the same legal recognition and protection in all 50 states and federal laws.

The SCOTUS's decision to make gay marriage a constitutional right in all states is a landmark victory for the gay rights movement.

Every GLBT member who signed petitions, called his/her Congressman/woman or Senator, stood at voting places to fight against Prop8 in CA or fought against the hatred and the bigotry in any other U.S. state understands the meaning of fighting. Each and everyone of you understand that ultimately it’s all about fighting our fears, and that the so called “Activism” is exercised and exemplified by “the wish to hold accountable” institutions that fail to hold people to equal standards. In the case of the GLBT “movement” it was the fear not to be able to love the ones we love, being discriminated upon at work or elsewhere, or falling victim to oppression, violence, hatred or al of the above.

The significance of "fighting our own fears" goes beyond a cause.


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So what’s next for U.S. GLBT “activism”?

Hardly any GLBT member has ever and only fought for one issue alone and the list of conflicts below shows how many conflicts there actually are, and not just to be solved at home, in your own community, state, nation or borders.

We know that all grievances are connected. Never as before the relieving of one community’s fears translates in “peace for all”.

That is why invites you to embrace our global campaign for accountability, whose goal is not just to focus on one issue, in one nation, but unite all western democracies, all causes and beyond, behind the 3 front page commitments, and get to the bottom of all sources of conflicts, private interests, corruption, bribery.

We hope that the irresistible charme of model Miles Evan Windsor and the stunning photography of Mascular Studios will inspire you inform yourselves and join the Global Repeace campaign for accountability.

Is now a good time to join the fight of all victims of injustice and inequality, no matter what their nature is, and YOUnite on a global scale in our Campaign for Accountability?

If you feel inspired and interested, click* on the front page commitments/pledges, reclaim the narrative, follow and share us on Social Networks. You don’t have to donate money. Buy rather one of our great shirts and wear it with a sense of world unity and renewed purpose.

All causes are conflicts. All fears are "wars".

Peace is the absence of fear.

The shift you were looking for has always been here. Activism was, is, and will always repeace (realize peace).

“Let us focus on a more practical, more attainable peace – based on a gradual evolution in human institutions – on a series of concrete actions and effective agreements which are in the interest of all concerned.” JFK, 1963. American University - Commencement Speech

* Repeace USA measures all US IP addresses to materialize the demand of accountability and sustainability for the U.S. (Turn it so high that the main stream media and our sold out representatives won’t be able to ignore it. For all the rest of free people of the world, click on the earth pledge and add your voice to the campaign, in wait that we can develop your own national platform


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The term war as used for social, economic, environmental conflicts in recent media has changed

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