Faced With Their Worst Fear, Progressives Jump On The Jill Stein Boat.

Politics in the USA are treated like Sports, and many of you fall for it, proving that, for the most part, you only trust only those, who have the inherent power of being sports/political runners, to be heard and save you. No matter what Alice Walker said, you appear to believe that your voice doesn't matter. You keep throwing all your hopes on a political "savior."

Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein are "vehicles" you throw your last hopes for change on. When Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat, you threw all your hopes on him, because you knew that Jill Stein isn't even allowed in the debates, as usual.





Now that your hopes are gone, and you are faced with utter despair, with what you knew all along to be an oligarch owned system, you jump on the Jill Stein wagon. Chris Hedges told you so!

It's good to know that you still believe that your voices matter, but you really need to give a hard look at yourself and remember that you and your neighbors, even the ones in other nations, the progressives and greens who stand by the 3 repeace commitments, are the ones who make big things happen, every day!

It would be a good time, now, to make other "big things" happen. You, the small groups of ordinary people who can change the world, the ones who always have, and stop throwing your hopes on a presidential candidate.

As social, human rights', progressives' or greens' values advocates, you, so called activists, are realizing peace. The peace movement and the peace process are you, us. The revolution you see, from Greece, Spain, Iceland, UK or the U.S. is plain and simple a revolution of responsibility and what's missing is not a savior that passes the 28th Amendment, or promises to undo Citizen United in the USA alone. What it takes is to frame activism as a responsibility movement, because it is! You may take it from us or ask UC Berkeley Professor George Lakoff or his assistant professor Elisabeth Wheling, what they think about framing activism as "repeacing" and focus all the public consensus behind the 3 commitments, to build that missing cohesion.

The much anticipated "Movement of movements" that post Occupy demonstrators called for is activism itself, and the power of the brand of the 99% is hidden in plain sight in the values reflected in the 3 front page commitments. Debate me on this, tell me that besides being Occupiers, Anonymous, besides Feeling the Bern or supporting Jill Stein, you aren't already a Repeacer.

All Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporters would be already taking the repeace commitments. Bernie Sanders and Dr. Stein would take the representative commitment in a second, because they know that all the power in the world lies in the power of the narrative.

How you love to see the images of streets in large cities filled with cheering people. You do it because it makes this political revolution feel cohesive. Now try to raise the 3 front page commitments into the millions and unite green and disgruntled progressives not on a political savior, but on an idea able to lead the way forward. 

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