An Urgency of We

An Urgency of We

Waiting for that magical common ground that will unite human beings on a mass scale is quite frankly what we all do so well. The most fertile soil for change is found in the "what's hot" today category, which is where Snowden, the NSA and Constitution are now filed. Busting the power of duopoly requires a commonality between brothers and sisters by other mothers. An organizational push as it were...whether consciously or subconsciously.

The anarchist in me says I don't need no stinkin' piece-o-paper to tell me what's right and what's wrong...but I also see the importance of having constitutional law. When duopoly begins to seemingly self-destruct before our eyes, it's that law, those civil rights, that bond the people and create common ground. I've noticed many republicans, democrats, socialists, greens, libertarians and all other stripes of ideologies who are in agreement on many issues raised by this confirmation of the loss of their 4th Amendment. Many are not necessarily Snowden supporters, but nevertheless are highly concerned about the confirmation of their loss of privacy. It was more of a leftist conspiracy theory for many of us until this latest greatest leak proved otherwise.

I wish it would be our compassion for humanity which united us in change...the path of integrity. But the truth is, humanity does not seem to have reached that point of enlightenment and understanding just yet. So we organize around any common ground we can find, organize a majority, circle the wagons, make a stand...and demand transparency and accountability to the citizenry of this land.

Of course what I'm describing is officially a systemic problem within the U.S., but the ramifications, social shockwaves, resonate out into the global theater. What is problematic here in the states correlates to what is problematic to people and societies worldwide.

I have been a collaborator at Repeace now for almost two years. The reason I was drawn to the mission of Repeace is that it unites the people globally in a demand for transparency and accountability. Now that our institutions and corporations are mostly one and the same, and they operate very efficiently on a globalized front, our only choice is to build a solid world voice around these three basic demands:

1. "I will support businesses that focus on sustainable local products and services, not on buying influence."

2. "I will support politicians who are accountable to me, not to corporations."

3. I will support countries that promote and defend freedom of expression."

The ones benefiting most from national borders are those intent on maintaining their places within the oligarchy. People have to understand this is not only a national fight within our respective countries...but it is a fight being waged on a global scale in all our countries. We're fighting the same elite few, and we must organize if we ever hope to break those chains of oppression which keep us prisoner to the corporate/political structures of injustice which offer us imminent destruction of our planet.

Let's build this together, in truth and solidarity. Help our voices grow into a roar...become part of Repeace...take the pledges and be counted...and let our numbers be our demand for accountability. Help us shift from Me to We. Let us put away our differences and find our voice of commonality. Let's Repeace!

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Sunday, 11 April 2021

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