Making Responsibility Irresistible


Call it "Activism" or anyway you like it. We view Activism as "realizing peace," as a movement of compassionate, responsible people. By making responsibility irresistible we help all repeacers be united by purpose, and become immune from attacks and critique.

Social change is about relieving conflicts. If we engage on behalf of children, minorities, oceans, animals, forests, we wish to relieve fears, theirs, and ours, as a result. 

Repeace wants to redefine, rebrand "Activism" as an irresistible movement of compassionate, responsible people. The alternative name "#Repeacers", implies that a #Repeacer is a hero, relieving "fears", realizing peace.

Repeace is a complementary idea, side by side to traditional "Activism," but not replacing it. The immediate goal is to empower, to assist Activism in eluding the endless assaults by main stream media and governments in form of slurs and disparaging metaphors.

Activists have been, and will always be motivated by a desire to participate in removing conflicts. Activists consider social participation as a responsibility, a moral imperative. Repeace uses the positive, empowering narrative "responsibility prevents conflicts", not to replace "the Peace Movement," but to provide a powerful, unifying alternative, removed from the traditional connotation of war, and capable of pushing social change to new heights. "Responsibility prevents conflicts," "peace is the absence of fear" are among the fresh narratives that shift the consciousness of solidarity into a more efficient future.