Inspiring, Empowering New Forms of Consent.

Our governments are rigged, and we know that. But finding time for activism is almost a luxury for people who wish to participate in the social debate and see their grievances be taken seriously. Protesting is dangerous, in many nations often deadly. NGOs and alternative forms of social action try basically to confront the lies of the elites, their fraud, their unsustainable social, environmental, economic policies.

Humanity, or rather the active participants of humanity, in all nations' protests, have been trying to confront the narrative with a profound, revolutionary message, "that their governing bodies may seem the results of superficial democratic process, but they are not. No display of public outrage has been able to challenge the main, fake narratives. Breaking the wall of lies means creating a new form of consent, able to wash aside the lies of the main stream media.

Consent is about reclaiming the narrative.

This is what can do for humanity. Building a massive outpour of voices behind the 3 repeace commitments, getting the attention of concerned human beings in the only realistic form available, online, would produce something incredible, a new from of consent. This new form of consent, the number of activists agreeing to the guiding principles behind Repeace, is not controlled by as an organization, but by the collective consciousness, that shapes it.

Repeace can't claim control over the fact that we believe that activism is the real, misuderstood and ill identified peace movement, that social change has been the true peace process over two thousand years. Repeace can only help humanity see that, own it, and shape it in the right direction.

When Malcom X mentioned to "the biggest mistake of the African American movement" during the 1960s, he lamented that it was purposeless to try to organize people around specific issues, that "you have to get their attention first." The attention that can and should be grabbed from all global activists, is that "they realize peace," no matter what political views they have or if they are currently present or absent. Inside this analogy lies the power of consent. This time, consent will be freed from the strangehold of the elites.

Thanks to the advantages of instantaneous communication, a new identification method and a set of organizing commitments, every nation can challenge its own authorities, the prevailing narratives, and produce a new reality, that will completely question the legitimacy of our institutions.

The invisible consent of a manipulated humanity in distress, can become visible and start unprecedented reforms of our institutions, because it will align all players inside the Civil Society around the curent shared values.

"I repeace, I realize peace, becomes the unified will of human beings involved in social change. The purpose of peace will shift, from being vague and invisible, with a narrative controlled by the elites, to become something real, a leaderless idea inside activism, which on its own, will transcend from being an erratic, conflicted crowd, to become a community.