3 Commitments, not Petitions, Protests.

The 3 repeace commitments are a strategic choice, a true non violent tool. Measuring them in such a designed, predominant way is another strategy. Getting the attention of humanity in one virtual place means efficiently capturing the grievances of a humanity in need in the only place able to connect the minds of a planet, online.

If activists have to rely on non violence to make their objections heard, they have to change startegy. Governments clearly don't care about solving problems for society, but only to do favor to those who bribe them. The unaddressed concerns humanity shares and the way they are framed, expressed, through petitons, protests, new movements, coalitions, are going nowhere. Protesting gets people arrested, gassed, harmed, often killed. Depending on which nation and town you live in, an organization fighting social change should question the whole method of street protests when sheer police brutality and shots are meeting peaceful dissent. Signing petitions works less and less. Authorities don't listen, petition sites, organizations trying the same things have become redundant. The simplest messages and concerns just don't go through.

We know how people are sick and tired to sign and share petitions. So often, overlapping petitions are started by dozens of different petitions sites. Concerned groups of organized citizens go to such length to spread awareness about issues that eventually come down to the same root problems, corruption, unsustainable policies (energy, food, health, education, economy, trade foreign affairs, etc), democracy and freedom of expression. What has become unsustainable is how we try the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

There is one thing activists never seem to gain: control. As long as we will have to depend on delegating our grievances through petition sites, protests, and wait for our authorities to dignify our concerns and grant us the occasional allowances and freedoms, we will never be in control. This phenomenon, in Social Psychology, is called "Internal vs. external Locus of Control". Whether we rely on pages, groups, organizations, petitions' sites, representatives, the government, the United Nations, to do what it's necessary, we are not even in control of what we demand. Forget about the outcome. More likes, reposts or retweets are not going to change the world. Only a global startegy can.

Shift to 3 commitments. "Divest your grievances." Try something else.

This revolution is not only an American revolution. Tahrir Square, Iceland, Greeece or Spain have made that amply clear. But a revolution becomes a revolution when the values it pursues are reflected in some guiding thoughts and principles that help all concerned identify and build that invisible thing called "Solidarity". We believe that this revolution is a revolution about a universal lack of responsibility that doesn't spare anyone. This revolution is as much about our friends and relatives who don't do anything about change and need to wake up, as much as it is about the irresponsible private interests, that have betrayed humanity and subverted our governments and taken over the media.