A Revolution of Responsibility

Repeace wants to reorganize "Activism" as "Repeacing", all activists as "Repeacers", based on the fact that individuals, who struggle to relieve "conflicts", relieve "fears", realize peace.

Activists have, are, and will always be motivated by a desire to participate in removing conflicts. Activists consider social participation as a responsibility. Repeace uses the logic "responsibility prevents conflicts", not to frame "the Peace Movement" anew, but to make it work, because it frees the ideal of peace from an obvious paralysis.

Egypt, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil... people are sick of corrupted institutions that are preventing progress and a dignified life. Democracies are a joke, elections a circus.

Whether you want to blame the system, the "machine." the 1%, corporate greed, or simply name "corruption" the enemy, it comes down to what can we do to fix that. Approaching a rotten system successfully and making a revolution roll, require the proper approach and an efficient strategy. A human collective in crisis has to be able to identify, relate to, agree and proceed as one community. This revolution, is only the next big wave of social re-purposing of human resources after the failed previous attempts at promoting lasting political change. This revolution, unlike the Civil Rights Movement, is not only a U.S. issue, it's global.

This revolution is a universal failure of responsibility. Governments have betrayed their citizens and served private interests. Journalists have sold their writing skills to promote lies and divisions. Corporations have betrayed their customers and produced unsustainably, recklessly, for sheer greed and no consideration to Earth, the human condition or the consequences of endless consumption.

This global crisis is also a failure of organized activism, to be truthful to the wellbeing of the whole at all times, and not to own personal aims and objectives. The Civil Society has been just as corrupted as the soul of journalists, government officials or Wall Street bankers.

Repeace wants to strategically frame this revolution as a "Revolution of Responsibility," around the shared values of accountability/transparency, freedom of speech/dissent, sustainability, compassion. Repeace is a strategically designed identity to free peace from 50 years of inefficient approach and strategy. Whether not enough humans are capable to imagine, whether peace is not the most productive thing to be imagining, or not a concern that our authorities care to address, "Imagine Peace" is an inspiring phrase which is sadly not delivering. The USA are currently engaged militarily in 135 nations.

It's not peace that promotes peace, it's responsibility that promotes peace. Responsible behavior prevents conflicts. Compassion relieves fears. This is a much simpler and more practical approach. Repeace means changing approach, switching strategy and marketing slogans, imagining something more practical, worldwide: "Imagine responsibility; act responsibly, relieve someone's fears." Activists can identify with repeace because peace is the purpose of their actions, because fear is the emotion that connects them at the seams. With Repeace, we wish to help humanity reclaim the terms "Peace process" and "Peace Movement" for what they are. Governments or the UN do not promote peace and solve problems, they manage them. Activists fight to prevent conflicts. Activism is the process of peace. We're literally putting up this vision to a vote: If you think that activism is the peace process and all activists have been "The Peace Movement", ever since Spartacus fought for freedom, then EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE.

To succeed, the current global uprising in our nations must materialize as a cohesive global revolution. This will depend on the ability of every single national uprising - now seen in phenomena like Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Podemos, Wikileaks, Arab Spring, Occupy, IdleNoMore - can be framed in the higher context of responsibility. Consciousness, solidarity, cohesion, are invisible forces at play in a collective evolution. They materialize when individuals share the same value. The bond becomes real only when cohesion and solidarity are true. This condition is inevitable.

A revolution always sweeps everybody, including the ones who are currently not even interested in being part of it, or totally unaware of the urgent need for them to act. To do that we added something irresistible, uplifting and fun to a revolution that feesl too sociopolitical. We branded responsibility as a product, a currency you can trade. By taking the commitments in mass, you can build a massive demand. If institutions, representatives, businesses will comply, we will support them. If people will repeace, we will reinforce them. This is not done with profit for us in mind, but benefit for the collective!

Repeace wants to rethink, to reorganize "Social Change" as "Repeacing", all activists as "Repeacers", based on the fact that activists are responsible individuals, who struggle to relieve "conflicts", relieve "fears". Repeace uses the logic "responsibility prevents conflicts", NOT to frame "the Peace Movement" anew, but to make it work, because it frees the ideal of peace from its paralysis.

Behind one idea (REPEACE), a new symbol of responsibility, and 3 measured commitments, repeace.com envisions massive global unity and synergy. If you had given up on the possibility that this revolution could still be repurposed without violence and transcend our grievances, think again!

Social change has always been such an uphill battle, such a struggle. This revolution is still erratic, disorganized, divided by nations and causes. A new revolutionary theory has to build the conditions for empowerment and cohesion in a world divided by nations, different political views and hundreds of different causes.

"Imagine peace" was an inspirational quote of an entire generation. Today that mantra is not nearly enough to reign in on our bankrupted, irresponsible governments and world organizations, who act without the consensus of humanity and have shut down the debate.

The 1% and our institutions are not the only irresponsible ones.

We live under governments who have betrayed our trust. They are illegitimate, criminal, bribed. Our democracies are a travesty, elections a charade. Our world organizations are highly incompetent. Peace and harmony, real equitable, sustainable solutions are not priorities of the 1%.

But is that really such a surprise? Our leaders step over the line and act irresponsibly, because we have actually allowed them to do that. We know now how we were swindled, but fact is that we apparently don't have proper representation in activism neither. if our organizing institutions have become impotent, we must understand why that is. We have built thousands of organizations and petitions' sites who all got complacent, more focussed on their own personal aims and objectives than in growing a unified will. The apathy and the lack of participation in social change is not just a result of divisive and distracting tactics of the 1%, but also of the inability, or unwillingness, of our advocacy groups to show unity and cohesion.

Repeace wants to shift strategy for the whole idea of activism. Instead of keeping asking governments and the UN to stop wars, like a broken record playing to a bunch of hearing impaired officials, we change the way we frame our demands and how we express them. By doing that, we use tactics traditionally used by the 1%, by the free market, and materialize a true market demand for sustainability, freedom of expression, transparency, which will become not only a consensus among activists of all nations, but a rule of engagement for any institution or public official.

Consistent with the vision of a revolution, nobody is spared in this strategy. Everyone is asked to make a commitment. If not immediately, by taking the 3 repeace pledges, by adopting the identity of Repeacing, as a unifying concept of a reconnected human race. A revolution requires the ability to engage all concerned, governments, media, parties, active- as well as all existing advocacy groups, large or small. Greenpeace, Peta, ACLU, Amnesty International, Transparency, are all asked to make a commitment to repeace, for the sake of greatness. If you feel part of the higher purpose of realizing peace, you're either on the side of the values humanity demands now, or cast yourself out of the future we wish to rewrite.

Malcom X made once a comment, a critique to the inability of Black organizations to be responsible and always focus on the wellbeing of "the whole". We strongly believe that that sense of responsibility is something lacking in the whole world of activism. With a simple design, a set of 3 pledges per nation, Repeace can materialize "the interest of the whole," unite and deliver more self empowerment and more cohesion as any petition or movement was ever able capable of doing.