Jobs Opportunities

  • CEO USA (Chris Hedges? John Pilger? Norman Solomon?)
  • CEO Europe
  • Project Managers
  • Editors
  • PR representative
  • Marketing gurus
  • Programmers (Web developers proficient in SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript and some experience in Joomla
  • Ambassadors
  • Organizing talents
  • Writing contributors
  • Artists
  • More Facebook admins for International pages
  • Volunteers
  • Moderators for

We wish to staff this ambitious global vision. We wish to be able to fill these and many other posisitions and get human empowerment going. Our biggest commitment to humanity has been to empower tens of millions of citizens living in the U.S. first, and worldwide next, with a new purpose, a newly found sense of community. We wanted to create the conditions for a strong, unified will. We did all this without any sponsors and fund raising. We don't even know how to raise funds. The challenge has been enormous, almost impossible.

Today it's a reality. The front page is up, the counters are counting. The vision is out. To activists, the newly enlightened, or the thousands of organizations fighting against social or environmental conflicts, we can happily say: There's nothing that stands in the way of making responsibility irresistible, of making a commitment to the values of this revolution: accountability, sustainability, support of local economies, freedom of expression/dissent.

If you come to this page thinking "What's in it for me?" you may have the wrong attitude. How many, from organizers to organizations have checked us out with this attitude, trying to promote them, to help them reach their own objectives, increase their status and number of followers. But the big revolutionary visions didn't start with cash, but with convictions and sacrifice. Money was never easy to find for revolutionary ideas, and neither for revolutionists.

What it takes to a project like Repeace now is the right set of people who believe and wish to participate. If you browse through the pages of this site and feel that you can do something, if next to your formal education, you're also a creative, you may be inspired. Repeace is now about building the conditions to make bigger things a reality.

Network us with Chris Hedges, John Pilger, Norman Solomon, Noam Chomsky, Abby Martin, Russel Brand or George Takei, Dr. Steven Greer. If you were wondering why activism doesn't work too well and repeace sounds like a breakthrough opportunity to strike back, connect with us.

Give us a chance to show what repeace can do for humanity. Help us gain more power... for you!