Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repeace?

Repeace is an international-, non partisan-, non ideological-, responsibility-campaign on a replicable platform. is the U.S. version. is the German speaking platform.

Existing progressive movements and online communities committed to real solidarity can shift thinking from inefficient strategies and endless competition, and join in the emergence of an alternative, disruptive movement, against a culture of ethical corruption that has poisoned humanity.

Repeace uses a different strategy than the conventional organizing:

  1. First off, rather than keep getting activists, to protest "against" thousands of specific issues, it rallies all compassionate, responsible people, around the values shared in their grievances. From "AGAINST many issues the elites won't hear, Repeace transcends them to the few vales all groups are FOR (from a multitude of very specific grievances to few, unspecific values)

  2. Second, instead of creating a new social entity or an organization, telling all ogranizations and initiatives to "hold hands," (like this one) Repeace identifies the single shared issue that makes of all activists a collective, even before they join a cause. That is the experience of concern, worry, fear, that leads people to ACT. As such, repeace becomes a leaderless idea, able to reorganize activism at the thought level and break all national, language, political divisions.

By identifying as Repeacers, and building an online virtual pro-test, Repeace becomes immune from the criticism that is commonly made to groups who challenge the MSM narratives.

The ability to produce radical change by Activism and new political movements has reached its limits. New forms of empowerment, that make it easy to identify, act, and deliver something significant are not easy to come by. We believe that all legitimate ideas should be embraced, without fear.

Repeace is an intuitive identification strategy based on the powerful analogy that all activists realize peace because they fight battles aimed at relieving their own fears. "Solving conflicts" has been thought to be the proprietary aim of "Antiwar" organizations, when it's a much broader purpose of the entire collective of organized social change. This analogy can unite, inspire and empower, well beyond U.S. borders.

If you haven't seen our latest Repeace video release, please take a few minutes to watch it:


Is repeace an organization or a political movement?

No. Activism doesn't need another conventional organization, promising impact and change. There are almost 2 Million registered NGOs in the U.S. alone, and yet it feels competitive, divided, erratic. Activists are overwhelmed by redundant communities and petitions, that are eventually ignored or dismissed by governments that don't wish to be challenged or confronted. What's missing in activism is a shared purpose. Understanding that our shared purpose is the resolution of social conflicts, can build the equivaelnt of collective consciousness, the strength of a unified will.

Activism is the Peace process. Peace is not a sub-category of activism. Peace is not the opposite of wars, but the absence of fear.

What does repeace stand for?

Repeace stands for Realize peace. It approaches peace through the lens of fear and not through the widespread dogma of War & Peace, which has been inefficient for over 50 years.

A Repeacer is any and all compassionate human beings, passionately engaged in social change. The identification itself is a strategy of empowerment, that is not dictated by our desire to make this word popular and us rich, but to make of activism something new, cohesive and able to reach unprecedented solidarity. Identification with a new word is seen in any emerging new collective. This is plain applied social psychology.

The quote by Russell Brand is a clear reference to the former antiwar movement of the Sixties.

What's the relationship between activism and pacifism?

Activism has always been a multitude of people, fighting to solve all kinds of conflicts. Despite the widespread agreements on the values, that are at the base of social change, activism never got to be an international cohesive collective, a community. The lack of cohesion in activism is a seemingly impossible problem to solve. It appears that activism is stuck in our individuality, and a futile sense of competition, that is keeping the 99% fragmented, and an easy prey of the 1%.

Pacifism is prevailing associalted with a principle of non violence, glued to the idea of aremd conflicts, but not considered foreign to activism. Nevertheless, peace advocates are treated as a subcategory of activism, which is a logical fallacy. Peace is the purpose of all people fighting to remove social conflicts, not just "wars" or their related nuclear weapons. In a small detail like the definition of peace, and its re-evaluation, its re-purposing, lies the secret to global unity. The "Trigger of Revolt," much sought after by Chris Hedges is believed to hide in the simple alternative definition "Peace is the absence of fear." Better thinking is better "design," and can lead to the key missing element inside a fragmented and competitive world of activism... cohesion.

What are the most revolutionary ideas about Repeace?

The most revolutionary ideas behind repeace is the reflection that all activists realize peace, and that the involuntary action of framing peace inside the antiwar and nuclear disarmament advocacy movements have been an unintended, massive flaw, which actually produces the exact opposite of what it wants.

Consequently, the revolution you are experiencing is a revolution of activism, an evolutionary step that is directed inward. We believe that before we can reclaim the system from corruption, we need to be in sync as a team and that means across borders, languages, different cultures, races and of course, causes.

The revolutionary act of truth telling that we have usually used to expose the lies of the elites, the 1%, has to be a self critique, aimed inside our erratic team of 99%. The truth is that conflicts are relative, and that independent media and organizations' own worries with their own survival, and the selfish protection of little niches of influence, has prevented them to cooperate. Activism is marked by cross side suppression and competition.

Exposing this fact is a challenge because people think that the methods of resisting the power structures are efficient, and that peace is a subcategory of activism. Both are myths.

"REsist peacefully, Occupy WS protests filled with Peace iconography, Strong and direct references to the former Peace movement, with the expanded desire for freedom of expression, dissent, equality, justice, sustainability. The signs could not be any clearer.

Does RE-peace stand for a repeat of the peace movement?

We challenge what the peace movement has been associated with and how the term should be used. We think that the U.S. anti-Vietnam war and the coalition of war veterans and nuclear disarmament advocates were a chapter of both expressions of a much bigger idea of Non-violent engagement, which is different than the limited vision of a world without armed conflicts or nuclear weapons. The ideal of peace is much too important to glue it to one single event in time and a coalition of a few issues. All causes and organizations are trying to relieve conflicts, and all activists are trying to releive their own fears.

What does the Repeace logo stand for?

The Repeace logo stands for responsibility, and implies that responsible decisions and actions prevent conflicts. In the context of responsibility, are ideas and values like transparency, compassion, sustainability. The symbol is an organizing visual clue and a possibility to embrace and stand for responsibility, prompte and act upon it.

It would be presumtuous to assume that the traditional peace symbol could be replaced or that people should be imagining responsibility instead of "peace." However, those who can see for themselves that asking empires and their corrupted institutions to stop wars and be more reasonable, promote justice, freedom and equality, simply doesn't work, might be enlightened and inspired by our different approach.

What are the 3 repeace commitments ?

People want to reclaim their institutions because a culture of ethical corruption has ruined them. However there are not many alternatives to peaceful protests, and the State does not only discourage dissent, it represses it with brutal force.

Repeace wants to counter the moral curruption non violently, without using any protests, by turning all the anger and the resentment against the establishment into 3 straightforward, proactive and uniting online protests. Rather tnan voicing hundreds of things we're against, we shift to the simple values we all share, and can confront the government in a better way.

For that purpose, Repeace crafted the 3 commitments and placed them inside a design that implies that the 3 commitments are the demands measured at 3 separate events:

These are the 3 Repeace commitments

1. I will support businesses that focus on sustainable, local products and services, not on buying influence.
2. I will support politicians who are accountable to me, not to private interests.
3. I will support countries that promote and defend freedom of expression.

Instead of protesting and expecting the big and powerful businesses and government to change something they don't wish to change, the commitments turn the demands around. These include the inherent demands made at most protests. Whether you go to the next protests against WS, against the NDAA, GMOs, Fracking, for Universal Healthcare or in support of whistleblowers, you might as well click on the 3 Repeace counters, add your voice and know that your voice is not going to be forgotten the next day. The digits on the commitments are there to stay. No matter whether the government may or may not do what you wish, your voice is inside those 3 events and millions upon millions of people can grow this alternative resistance.

This image from a 2013 protest in DC is indicative of how people like to know how many people were at the rally. ©Shadia Fayne Wood | Project Survival Media

We all realize peace. ... peace for students, citizens, protesters, uninsured, food, animals, land, oceans, air. This is the idea that unites us. can mobilize all these great people with the anti GMOs, the Anti Fracking, the Anti Citizen United protesters, etc. in 3 minutes. People can start to find out how large the 99% really is, by clicking on the 3 online commitments.

I took the commitments. Now what?

When went to an event, like an Occupy WS protest, or to support a demonstration's objectives... let's say minimum wages, universal healthcare access or affordable education, after the protests, do you ever ask yourself, "what's next?"

When the digits on the front page will rise, and people will begin to feel how many they are, and that the values we share stand above the specific issues we are passionate about, you will get a sense of unity and shared purpose. As we're not here to lead you or get you to follow our instructions or tell you how best you should be a so called activist, we can create the opportunities to organize in more efficient ways than the erratic ones that are available now. It starts by a more productive and efficient use of language.

We will list and network organizations, small businesses, any entity, representives of any kind, who will have the courage to side with you and our demand, so that you will be able to follow and support their endevours. They, will have a profile, where they will be able to show you how they can truly live by the values we care about most.

But for now, you have to look at as an occupy event, as a way for YOU FIRST, to reclaim your voice in a way that is different, unconventional, nevertheless nonviolent, proactive and visionary. Have some faith. You have nothing to lose.

Why is it so significant to measure the commitments so predominantly?

There are many reasons why the 3 commitments/pledges are so central to the idea of Repeace. Measuring them is the key strategy to materialize the solidarity, the cohesion that is currently missing.

The most important reason is to help people unite. The 3 commitments go beyond nationality and political differences. They appeal not only to the politically conscious citizens, but also to the cynical, the apatheitc and the ones who are now simply distracted.

Anybody who has taken some basic courses in economics understands the concept of demand and offer. The counts are not only allowing citizens to express: “We’re sick of our corrupted system”, the physical measuring them are not primarily a vote or a petition, but a true market demand to the two pillar of corruption, businesses and government. This approach is a significant change from traditional protests because the message, the narrative is controlled by the 99%, regardless how the 1% reacts.

Are you a non-profit organization?

So far yes. In 9 years of operation, Repeace has not had earnings (we can prove that through our tax returns). For that reason we can't afford a staff and provide more content and moderation, or promote as much as such a big vision requires.

Needless to say, we don't believe that the label "NGO, or Non For Profit" automatically qualifies an organization as honest, and dedicated to change. This is a myth. Some of the largest NGOs and Foundations are nothing but large corporate entities, whose purpose is to divide society, preventing social empowerment and cohesion by manipulating public opinion, and aiding the 1%.

People already have little money to give to the charities they love to support. We don't believe they need another organization asking for money they don't have to begin with. By now it should be clear that people are rather giving the little they have to spare to Soup Kitchens, local Animal Shelters, or similar entities, that can show a more direct impact.

Creative ways to crowdfund Repeace will be welcome. As we don't ask for money, we ask you to consider taking the 3 front page commitments, reading and sharing about our vision. Let your friends know that there is this other opportunity to build something bigger than Occupy, without protests. Big things always start out small.

How will Repeace produce lasting social change?

By building a new kind of social leverage based on your demand.

Activists are conditioned to land to a weblink, an organization, a petition, an organized movement of intellectuals, who have built a new "entity." Organizations are basically entities of inside the Civil Society. They gather your grievances and lobby our authorities when their action (or inaction) creates conflicts.

For the most part it all ends up in smoke. Organizations are infiltrated, fought against. When they become movements they get co-opted by the political process. PACs become Super-pacs and cater to the old duality that keeps you in the Status quo. That is not radical change.

Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, the Civil Rights Movement, are first of all about creating openings in a society that doesn't work. People start organizing in new ways if they are allowed the space to cooperate and there is consensus. Currently, the 99% doesn't have consensus, unity, cohesion. Occupy has been dissolved and has moved to online venues. A reliable source has said to us: "There is no centralized authority or secretariat of Occupy and no one is authorized to speak in its name. It's highly fragmented, disorganized."

Whether you wish to see long lasting political change, climate actions and solutions, access to universal healthcare or education, change is not "just political" and repeace doesn't even have to be specifically political to impact deep social transformation. Rather the contrary. It's by making you realize that it's the cohesion and solidarity among the millions of existing organizations that will re-align our values and define our shared purpose, that will manifest the invisible power you desperately seek. It's exactly by not being framed as an organization but as the idea that binds activists, that you have a better chance at reclaiming power.

A Swiss national artist can't and won't influence US or EU politics with an organization. It's simply unrealistic and impractical, besides being highly controversial. However, with a simple idea, that all activists are repeacers, with a symbol of "Responsibility promotes Peace", and by collecting the consensus of hundreds of millions of human beings online, behind 3 simple statements, he could.

As simple as it sounds, tens of millions of activists taking the commitments in each nation and worldwide as one community, will already be the basis for new future reforms, and not just for the U.S. or the U.K., Icealnd or Germany. However just as you never know what happens after a huge protest or a petition you signed, we can't guarantee what our unified voices behind Repeace will be able to do better than Tahrir Square or Occupy.

It will all depend on how the commitment of activists will be followed by consistent action, and if those who so passionately have imagined peace for over 50 years, can imagine something more practical... responsibility.

The quotes on the main page Memes are incorrect. Why?

MLK, JFK, Bertrand Russels, Malcom X and many other public figures or revolutionists who wanted to "change the world" made their statements in different times, in different contexts. The essence of their ideas and beliefs is totally reflected by our vision. The main ideas that competition in activism is a problem, that the idea that peace is somehow the opposite of wars or that any idea can produce seemingly impossible things are reflected and respected in our "extrapolations".

This was also very much a desire to restart the debate on what we thing are the many things that simply don't work or have stopped making sense. We hope that you will have a debate with your friends, and go seek what these public figures of the past intended, when they wrote or spoke their words.

What is the "Corporate Entities" commitment for?

The commitment for corporate entities is an opportunity for any corporate entity to walk the talk on the values society cares about. A commitment is a promise, an informal agreement to be more responsible and produce with Sustainability in mind.

For you all to see which entities you can support you have to click on the 3 commitments on the front page. Businesses and organizations may be more inclined to know about this and commit to the public, if they see that you've created a substantial demand.

In a second phase of development, the idea is to help you locate which entities agree to support local economies, abstain from inflencing public policies and producing and living sustainably. How they will measure up to these values, however, will not be decided by repeace, but by YOU. If you want to have the power to dictate what sustainable and responsible mean, you have to participate in the demand, and create a new reality.

What is the Representatives commitment for ?

A representative doesn't have to be necessarily a politician. Every person who represent the public, in a government agency, a school, a college board, a public service, a corporation, and organization, is a representative. Any person in such a position should always have a moral compass, a sense of duty to humanity, and not just to his or her own interests.

You would be surprised how eager they all are to talk about responsibility and transparency, but walk in the opposite direction. If you wish to see which are able and willing to commit to these values officially, build the demand for it on the front page.

We will list representives of any kind, who will have the courage to side with you and our demand, so that you will be able to follow and support their endevours. They, will have a profile, where they will be able to show you how they can truly live by the values we care about most.

Does Repeace also see the 1% as the root of our problems?

The 1% has always been eager to protect its privileges and increase its wealth, no matter what cost, human or natural. There's nothing new in the pathology of the 1%, their bankrupted morality or lack of empathy. Experts, in the realm of social activism, know that you can't demand a sick system to fix itself, just like you can't expect a drug addict to quit without help, without a strategy of intervention.

The 1% may very well be made of selfish, twisted and inhumane individuals. But how is today different than during ancient Rome, ancient Egypt or during the time of the French Monarchy who produced extreme debt and outrageous inequalities? Slaves, starving peasants or agonizing poor have repeatedly proven that the human spirit will always resist and fight any form of persistent oppression, and that eventually, hunger will turn crowds into beasts. In thusands of years, with all the evidence of the clear manipulations of public opinion and use of fear to divide and conquer us, the world of activism has never been able to get over its differences for the sake of the greater good and figure out a way to stick together and make the basics work.

So who's to blame here? The sheer obsession of corrupted leaders and egotistical individuals inside the 99% has steadily prevented progress. Each group, organization, movement has gone as far as it could, before being consistently dissolved. So the answer is that the problem, at this point, is not so much the 1%, but us, the 99%.

The paralysis in the evolution of human consciousness lies in a blind unwillingness or incapacity of organizations to see past their differences, for the sake of the wellbeing of the whole.

If you believe that one of humanity's strongest merits is to work together to solve problems, we're proving it to be wrong. There are more indications that we are violent, competitive, lazy, stubbornly individualistic and unable to see past our differences for the sake of the collective. The 1%, onthe other hand, are very capable of sticking together and crushing us.

So, if you believe that humanity can overcome the biggest obstacles, don't prove us... prove yourself(!) that we can move past our differences, by urging all people you know, and all organizations and movements to stand behind the values of the 3 repeace commitments.