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How Arms Companies Fuelled and Exacerbated the First World War

How Arms Companies Fuelled and Exacerbated the First World War

Despite recent establishment efforts to sanitise it, World War One was not a glorious war. It was an immoral global conflict that led to an unparalleled level of death and destruction.

Very few benefited from the killing. It did, however, line the pockets of arms companies and their shareholders.

As the Arming All Sides project, supported by Campaign Against Arms Trade and On the Record, makes clear, they were certainly not dispassionate bystanders. In fact, the appalling conduct of these companies was instrumental in both fuelling the drive to war and shaping the conflict.

The scale of international tensions created new business opportunities for arms companies. Of course they were only happy to maximise these by purposely exaggerating, and in some cases fabricating, war scares with the aim of exacerbating and profiting from the arms race.

One example of this is Herbert Mulliner, the Director of Coventry Ordnance Works, who in 1908, with the support of journalists at the Daily Mail, worked to persuade the British government that Germany was secretly accelerating its naval programme. The scare worked; stimulating massive naval expenditure in the process and helping to create an atmosphere of mutual suspicion, making war more likely. Even Winston Churchill would later accept that the claims were entirely false.

The arms dealers interests were protected in no small part by the intimate relationship the companies enjoyed with politicians. In 1914 one Labour MP, Philip Snowden, told the House of Commons that with so many MPs being shareholders of arms companies, 'it is not possible to throw a stone at the benches opposite without hitting one.'

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'Peace Talk', 'Two-State Delusion' - 3 Decades of Disengenious and farcical musing.


By  - Appeared in OpEdNews on 10/19/2014

Some musings........

Often musing is necessary to keep one's sanity, the hope is that someone reads one's thoughts, interjects their own and either tell you that you are NOT insane or that you are off your rockers, both of which I consider a solace.

We learned on Friday (10/3/14), that Sweden's newly elected Social Democrat prime minister Stefan Loefven announced that his country will recognize a Palestinian state, becoming the first EU member in Western Europe to do so.

The British Parliament quickly followed suit.

It must be noted that 7 EU members in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, namely; Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania have already recognized the Palestinian state.

Among the non-EU members, Iceland is the only other western European nation to have done so. So Sweden's significance in joining the 130 other countries around the world in recognition of Palestine is due to it being the first Western European country.

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What Led Israel to Stop the Assault — and What Comes Next?



To discuss the lead-up to the ceasefire and what to expect from the talks in Cairo, we are joined by author and scholar Norman Finkelstein. Posted August 06, 2014 on DemocracyNow. Support DemocracyNow

AARON MATÉ: Israel has pulled its ground forces from the Gaza Strip as a 72-hour ceasefire takes hold. In addition, Israeli and Palestinian factions have agreed to attend talks in Cairo on a longer-term agreement. Gaza officials say at least 1,865 Palestinians, most of them civilians, died during Israel’s offensive, which began on July 8th. Israel says 64 of its soldiers and three civilians have been killed. Nearly a quarter of Gaza’s 1.8 million resident were displaced during the assault, which destroyed more than 3,000 homes.

Earlier today, the Israeli military sent out a message reading, quote: "Mission accomplished: We have destroyed Hamas’ tunnels leading from Gaza into Israel. All of Israel is now safer." Palestinians coming home to their neighborhoods report massive amounts of destruction.

GAZA RESIDENT: [translated] I am destroyed. I’m shocked. I have heart problems, and then I saw our house. We were all shocked. We don’t know what to do. Look at our houses and our children. Everything is destroyed, four apartments. All my children are stranded in the schools. Where are we supposed to go?

AMY GOODMAN: In other developments, a prominent Foreign Office minister in Britain, Sayeeda Warsi, has resigned, saying Britain’s policy on the crisis in Gaza is, quote, "morally indefensible." In an interview with The Huffington Post, Warsi criticized Britain for pressuring Palestinian leadership not to seek justice at the International Criminal Court. On Monday, Human Rights Watch urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to seek ICC jurisdiction over crimes committed on and from Palestinian territory. The group detailed multiple examples of Israeli soldiers shooting and killing fleeing civilians in Gaza.

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Brilliant idea to support the ME peace process and stop the occupation of GAZA


Italiano sotto- Deutsch unten - Español abajo  - Français dessous -

Yesterday we started this FB page (WAVE OF HANDS UNITED FOR GAZA) inspired by friends of an Israeli musician who posted these anonymous pictures of hands and passports.

I believe this is a brilliant idea because it allows everybody, kids included to write on their hands and share their nationality. I could develop the whole thing on more than a FB page. I plan a separate site for that.

I act and dedicate all of my time, with no income, out of a deep sense for civic virtue, because I sense the urgency to act and feel like I have something to offer that can develop into the BIG thing you're all wishing for. While you all have a life, earn money, go on vacation, play with kids, walk the dog, cook dinner and laugh with friends, I do this. I don't mind. I am strong. I think my time is worth it because I believe I can deliver something BIG, the one big thing you all need.

The "stand with Palestine - hands with message and passport idea" takes 5 minutes, it's fun for your kids, educative, unifying, and inspiring. Today I expect to see many hands images with your passports posted on my wall, so that I can share them anonymously on the WHUG page.

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FB page that calls for direct murder of Palestinians doesn't "violate community standards"


For a few days now, this page appeared on Facebook that calls for the direct murder of Palestinians, who are framed with the expected dehumanizing term of terrorists. Next to the image of two Palestinians, we read the explicit words:

Bibi seems to be having trouble finding terrorists to kill so we are helping him, "Hassan Salameh (left) is an arch-terrorist responsible for killing Jews in the upper מ45. Selma still celebrating in an Israeli jail at the expense of the taxes we pay, and wait for the next deal. It's time to get it right and thus reduce the appetite of the kidnappers.

Italic text shows the call to murder of 2 people. What part of hateful speech doesn't FB understand?

Whoever started this page needs a few history lesson on how the Germans/Nazi leadership used Dehumanizing propaganda to motivate violence against the Jews in the 1940s (here's a link).

Any page that contains hateful speech and calls to violence is just plain wrong, but Facebook doesn't think so. What is more shocking than the content of the page is the dismissal by Facebook to remove it, and apparently the lack of interests by alternative media to expose this outrageous fact.

I don't care on which side of the conflict you stand and we're not here to pick a side, but to hold accountable a behavior that is blatantly wrong and unacceptable.

If Facebook hasn't yet felt enough pressure from the community, maybe it's time you add your name to the call to report this page.

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