Faced With Their Worst Fear, Progressives Jump On The Jill Stein Boat.

Politics in the USA are treated like Sports, and many of you fall for it, proving that, for the most part, you only trust only those, who have the inherent power of being sports/political runners, to be heard and save you. No matter what Alice Walker said, you appear to believe that your voice doesn't matter. You keep throwing all your hopes on a political "savior."

Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein are "vehicles" you throw your last hopes for change on. When Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat, you threw all your hopes on him, because you knew that Jill Stein isn't even allowed in the debates, as usual.





Now that your hopes are gone, and you are faced with utter despair, with what you knew all along to be an oligarch owned system, you jump on the Jill Stein wagon. Chris Hedges told you so!

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Hot New Energy Source Discovered By Yale Scientists

Engineers at Yale have just come up with a simple yet amazing way to utilize energy from low-temperature heat waste.

Power plants consume loads of energy and, in turn, produce alarming amounts of waste and pollution. While environmentalists typically focus on renewable energy methods so that no waste is produced to begin with, converting those byproducts into something useful is an equally sustainable practice.


Yale engineers recently revolutionized the sustainable biofuel industry by figuring out how to “capture” low-temperature heat waste, before it becomes “waste,” according to Yale’s website

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