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John Stossel - New Tactics Of The Police State


Julian Sanchez of CATO explains the virtually unlimited high-tech abilities of the modern police state.

Are you willing to accept a world where everything you do is permanent public record?

Did you know that the government can turn your cell phone on remotely and use it to listen to your conversations?

John Stossel invited Julian Sanchez from the Cato Institute to discuss the capabilities of the police to conduct remote surveillance of the American people. Police don’t need a warrant to read your license plate or track your location necessarily. Just like they don’t need one to search you at the airport or to watch you from a camera.

Sanchez discusses how the police used surveillance to monitor Martin Luther King Jr. and how they can suppress dissent and silence free speech. He talks about how dissidents that are seen as a threat can be reined -n with new technologies such as drones.

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