WOW Wonderful Water Treatment technology Turns Contaminated water into drinkable water


An Italian invention, WoW - Wonderful Water, is a unique water treatment technology turns any kind of water into drinkable water. There is no need for filters, chemicals or other consumables. WoW can treat any source of polluted or dirty water and turn it into clean and drinkable water.

WoW - Wonderful Water may even deal with water which is radioactively polluted and reduce the volume of the polluted water by a factor in excess of 5,000. Thus it would be well suited to deal with the water contamination issues at the crippled Fukshima nuclear power plant in Japan.

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Top 5 Reasons Solar Energy Will Save the World


This post originally ran on Juan Cole’s Web page.

1.  The research and development monies now going into solar energy are great enough to fuel innovation and bring down prices rapidly.  First Solar expects solar electricity generation costs to fall from 63 cents a watt to 35 cents a watt from now through 2017!

2.  Honda is experimenting with a zero-carbon home.  It includes a direct DC recharger for an electric car so as to cut down on energy lost to heat during the DC to AC conversion.  Charging would take only 2 hours, direct from sunlight.

3. Thin-skin solar panels will be installed directly on the cars, and a canopy recharger will fill them back up.

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