Lessons about resistance: Define your ideals correctly



Spartacus, the Roman gladiator, appears to be the first known revolutionary who revolted against his owners and the Roman Republic. His and his peers’ struggle for freedom is called “war” (Third Servile War)

The first time humans fought for an invisible ideal like freedom was because of chains. Today we have (theoretically) evolved past that point. We agree that freedom is more complex, and “freedoms” are many, depending on how we look at it.

Is it important to define our invisible ideals correctly, adapt them to changed circumstances? Why?

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Ladies and Ladies. Gentlemen and Gentlemen


After the recent SCOTUS decision to grant the right to marry to all GLBT members, in all U.S. States, here's how the community can repurpose its passionate activism to benefit all causes, in all nations, with 3 clicks of a mouse.

Ladies and Ladies. Gentlemen and Gentlemen... Maybe President Obama could have been inspired by the same opening statement when SCOTUS granted marriage equality to all U.S. states in June of this year.

With this opening statement former president of the Swiss Confederation Moritz Leuenberger welcomed a large crowd of cheering GLBT members on Christopher Street day in Zurich in 2001, when he promised to finally get action on equality and provide equal rights to the unmet grievances of equal rights under the law.

That was his way to recognize that the right to love is inalienable and had to be extended also to the GLBT community. Since 5 June 2005, Swiss GLBT couples have most of the same rights and protections as opposite-sex couples.

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Fast Track Derailed? House Deals Blow to Corporate-Friendly Trade Agenda


Published on Friday, June 12, 2015 in Common Dreams byDeirdre Fulton, staff writer

But groups warn citizens to 'remain vigilant to ensure that future efforts to pass Fast Track and climate-destroying trade agreements are defeated'

Though it wasn't the resounding rejection progressives had hoped for, the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday dealt a serious blow to President Barack Obama's corporate-backed trade agenda, while erecting a major stumbling block for proponents of Fast Track, or trade promotion authority.

After a tense showdown and multiple votes in the chamber, a final decision on Fast Track was ultimately deferred, affording a delay that critics say could further scuttle the trade authority.b2ap3_thumbnail_Screen-Shot-2015-06-14-at-1.32.56-AM.png

"Today’s votes to stall Fast Track and TPP are a major win for anyone who cares about climate change," said350.org executive director May Boeve. "This disastrous deal would extend the world's dependence on fracked gas, forbid our negotiators from ever using trade agreements in the fight against global warming, and make it easier for big polluters to burn carbon while suing anyone who gets in the way."

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What’s the point? The failure of community activism


Does protesting make any difference? AAP Image/Forest Activist Network

Posted on 15 March 2013, 11.03pm GMT on: The Conversation

Australians are rightly proud of their democratic traditions. They are also inclined to raise their voice in protest when faced with government, bureaucratic, or civil injustice. Environmental activists have been particularly noisy. But community activism can have unforeseen consequences, resulting in worse outcomes for the environment in the long run.

The success or failure of local environmental campaigns is rarely addressed. Reportage is usually centred around heated encounters between protesters, police and those seeking to enforce development or change.

What happens after the cameras have gone, when the final decisions come down, the bulldozers move in and people go back to their regular lives? This is not often discussed.

Protesting can leave individuals on both sides battered and bruised. The physical, financial and emotional toll is considerable. It can leave one asking “What was the point?”

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Activism is impotent and it's our own fault


Social activism is erratic, non cohesive, everything is dissected, argued and debated to death. It lack greatness of purpose and it's simply because it can't even agree on the fundamentals: Every protest is a movement for accountability. Every peaceful protests is pursuing "peace" and peace was grossly mislabeled and mismanaged by thousands of false prophets.

Peace.. the most aspired of human ideals. The invisible force that stands like an overarching umbrella as a state of “blue sky” when justice is present, when freedom reigns, when access to education or affordable healthcare make people live with peace of mind.

Forget about that delusional and unproductive idea of peace you’ve been dreaming of for 50 years now, imagined, erratically, waving flowers or offering slices of free pizzas to the militarized forces ready to strike them, beat them with sticks in the knees and their shin bones. You can’t be that naive and not have realized that war has evolved! You’re all enemies now. Even raising both hands in surrender to the militarized forces can get you shot. Have you at least made up your mind whether when you think of peace, you refer to non violent dissent, personal serenity and universal love and compassion, inclusion and tolerance, or the active pursuit of a world free of armed weapons, nuclear weapons and major national quarrels?

Don't want to hear it from me? Well then, look at Yoko Ono and see how she has expanded her imagine into "holding accountable" the government for creating new wars. See how she advocates for freedom of epxression and dissent.

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