Artist's Statement

I always felt aware of the imperative of activism. I think that every compassionate person is. We wish to help one another, not live by each other miseries.

Above all, Repeace is a full conceptual design idea, from concept to execution, a creative solution. That's why you find an artist statement here.

Some artists build collections of photographs, paintings, sculptures. I am a creative revolutionist. I am a graduated graphic artist with a MA in social psychology. I design solutions of empowerment, because this is how I'm wired. I never claimed to try to save the world, but I do wish to change it. Whether you have ideas to impact your own community or society at large it's just a matter of micro- vs. macro perspective.

There are visionaries who revolutionized the idea of PCs and successfully redefined an abstract idea like "computers" as "Apple" with a rather simple innovation, the Macintosh. Others created powerful algorithms and revolutionized the way we search information. Since 2004, we say "Googling" instead of "searching." Ingenuity implies different ways of looking at things, reintepreting the technological tools of communication to change things radically. If you think you can't do something then you need to create the conditions that will allow that something to be achieved. Nothing is impossible. It's only a matter of time.

I wish to redesign and reorganize the way we think of activism and the way we do it. As it stands, activism is terribly inefficient.

I was born in Switzerland in 1964. I was conceived right around the time that JFK was killed and the U.S. Civil Rights Movement was morphing into the antiwar/nuclear disarmament “Peace” movement.

I remember distinctively receiving a mailing from Greenpeace when I was studying in Zurich for my MA in Social Psychology. I reflected about what Green-peace stood for and about what peace meant to me. I found the peace symbol as a sign of a past era and an American culture of love, non violence and tolerance. I remember thinking that the reasons I had peace in Switzerland were not because I had friends, a loving family, access to quality, affordable education and healthcare. I felt that sense of “things are okay”. I had no reasons to fear. That was peace to me.

Ironically I ended up in San Francisco, the cradle of the Peace movement, in 1997. I studied Graphic Arts at the former Academy of Arts College. I always had a passion for iconography and the ability of brands to embody entire lifestyles.

I haven't invested six years of my life in a new theory of social change with the thought of monetizing. I made a commitment to empowerment and I'm convinced that there is way more power behind the construct of peace than you think. Today, humanity can't seize its power because it took the wrong approach.

The missing cohesion in activism is stuck in a mistaken identity. The evolutionary step humanity needs is a conscious shift about the meaning of peace. You will find this idea absurd, and that's why there's hope for it. You have no democracy, and you know it by now. You sign petitions and nobody listens. When you protested and organized a few years ago, you got arrested, gassed, beaten. For speaking up today you can get killed.

Our governments are hard at work to criminalize dissent and outlaw critique. Are you really going to wait until it's too late to find out that we have to rethink, reorganize "Activism" Will you be able to handle all that power?


Andrea Tosi

Founder of Repeace.


(images of Occupy WS and other nations found on Facebook pages. Authors unknown)