Activism, the human need to participate.

Participating in the civil discourse is considered a moral imperative. Respecting other people, treating them the way we wish to be treated, is often referred to as "the Golden Rule". "Respecting others" implies also appreciating the value of all life, nature, animals, oceans, the air we breathe, what we grow, what we consume, how much we consume. 

Participating is a need of the social individual. We don't like to be left out. We want our opinion to matter because we know that without oversight and participation, others will abuse powers and shift privileges away from us.

Our system of governance, those who should represent our needs and our requirements in the pursuit of higher ideals like progress, prosperity, happiness, have long demonstrated that they have no intention of pursuing them. With extraordinary twisted logic, they have managed for us to accept that slaughtering each other, solving problems by blowing up towns, nations, polluting air, water, or selling out our democracy to private interests are all totally acceptable and necessary measures for our progress. Despite being guilty of massive fraud, they convince us that bailing out the big banks, right after they robbed us, throwing millions in poverty, are fair, reasonable, just policies.

Those who reject such nonsense are you and us, "activists." But activists are dangerous for the criminal establishment. That's why no slur has been spared to frame activists as radical extremists or domestic terrorists.

While the corporate state and its owned and operated main stream media do their part in associating activists with disparaging terms, activists couldn't do a better job at sabotaging every form of empowerment or unity. Activism is not a cohesive team, but very much marked by sheer competitiveness, cross side suppression and passive aggressive indifference. Organizations, pages, movements, fight for their own small opinions, their own objectives, traffic, donations, Likes, Tweets, reposts, book sales. The truth is really this ugly. Corruption, self interest, is not limited to the realm of government and coporate power. Corruption is always present when higher goals can't be reached because individuals put their own objectives and aims before the ones of the collective.

When people ee that their action is required, and they decide to participate and spend hours every week to engage in social change, risk to get arrested or registered by the state, they wish to feel empowered, and to see that their action have an immediate result. The small victories that 2.3 million organizations (U.S.) claim to reach, are by far not enough to keep the hopes of participants alive. Activism works as good as it can. We wish to fix it for you.

Fear was used to divide us. Why not use it to reconnect us?

Everyone keeps blaming the obvious 1% for the mess we're in. Truth is that the 1% has been doing what it does best for over 2000 years, and we, the 99%, activists, have failed to learn from them, to cope with our systematic antagonism. If we ever dream to be able strike back, it will be because we discovered the ilness that prevents activism from being a cohesive community of participant human beings.

Activists fight against their fears. They project their fears on human, social and environmental conflicts. This is the thought that hides the missing cohesion. This is the famous "Trigger of Revolt" that Chris Hedges seeks. The shared purpose of activists is peace, but they wouldn't know it because they're conditioned to think that peace belongs to pacifists and nuclear disarmament advocates. We have to create the conditions to build a unified will. We need to help them free their minds from this fallacy and see that solidarity is a simple state of mind that can be reached with a new idea, a new marketing strategy.

If the Washington DC Think Tanks have exhausted the list of slurs to discredit the noble desire to participate... "Activism," what on earth will it take for activists to escape that stigma and use some good old 1% marekting strategy?

Let's "Out-think the think tanks!