Our History

Solutions to difficult problems take a lot of time. Visions take a little longer.

In September 2008, in the cradle of the former "Peace Movement", not far from San Francisco Ashbury Heights neighborhood, a Swiss Italian social psychologist, Andrea Tosi, discovered that the emotion lying at the base of the motive that drives human beings to fight for justice, equality, for "a better world," is fear. Participation, having an influence in the decisions affecting our future is an innate need of the social individual and the purpose of social change in general is the relief of our fears, peace in simple terms. Every conflict is a source of fear/stress and drives humans to act. This clashes with the traditional undertanding of the ideal of peace, that was built into the dogma of "War & Peace". Wars are certainly irresponsible, unsustainable solutions, but people don't wish for peace because of wars, but because they are afraid.

This changes everything.

This changes everything because understanding better our ideals means empower people with new opportunity to find solidarity and exercise pressure on governments. Invisible ideals are in social sciences the equivalent of gravity, space or time to astrophysics, they shape and shift human behavior because they lie at the core of our collective dreams and aspirations.

Peace is a universal ideal. If we define it through the lens of wars, it only applies to nations or persons who have been, or are at war. In a world with so many types of "wars", on poverty, on women, on racial minorities, on workers, students, homeowners, children, the dogma of War & Peace is bad design, it simply doesn't make any sense.

If we define peace as the absence of war, we choose one definition, and discard another. When we're dealing with such powerful ideals, misinterpreting them can have unwanted, devastating consequences. In the case of peace, the definition, framing "the absence of war", has prevented the entire idea of Social Change/Activism of finding the cohesion it needed.

While the words "activists realize peace, fight to relieve fears" is a string of constructs we can use to debate, the terms Repeace, Repeacers, provides a new strategy of identification able to reconnect them.

Since 2010 Repeace and the international FB grassroots pages have been the proverbial "small groups of ordinary people, trying to change the world" by creating radical change. People from all nations, at their own pace and will, have contributed to this vision with passion and faith. This project is the result of 6 years of sacrifice, hard labor and love for humanity. It has been self financed and is a true commitment to human progress.