Mission and Vision


The unintended consequences of antiwar organizing has turned out to be the opposite of what it wished for. Are we all supposed to imagine peace for another 50 years, or rethink our approach?

Activists fight because they are very concerned. They fight against their own projected fears in all kinds of battles. They pursue many, very different "peaces." This is a fact, a truth we can't change. What we can do is using it to benefit social activism, the 99%, and provide a unifying strategy for supporters of Occupy, Anonymous, Wikileaks or whatever revolutionary idea they identify with.

Repeace wishes to empower each nation with a new strategy that starts by providing not only a more practical approach to the elusive ideal of peace, but the one it has been clearly missing: Social or any other conflicts are prevented by responsible behavior. Peace is the relief, the result of efficient, conscious, responsible action, when compassion is not enough. Activism is simply the responsible lifestyle of human beings wanting to participate in shaping their future. Since activism has bee trashed and criminalized by the 1%, by corporate powers, we use 1% strategies to strike back.

Our Mission is a plan, an alternative non violent strategy:

  • Replace the term "Activist" with "Repeacer" because all activists realize peace, because peace is the inherent purpose of social change, period.
  • Escape the stigma and the trashing of Activism by preventing the State and corrupted governments to frame us as radical, Hippies, Socialists or Domestic Terrorists.
  • Unite all global activists and all NGOs and petition sites in one global campaign behind our universal shared values: Responsibility/Accountability, Sustainability, Compassion, Freedom of Expression.
  • Collect and organize the commitments of the people and the ones by all kinds of representatives and corporate entities (included NGOs).
  • Transform a crowd of Activists in a real Community, by Design.
  • Build one non violent, global virtual protest and one virtual platform for each nation, and let Repeacers define what commitments they wish to take to shape their own institutions.
  • Attract all celebrities and public figures in what could become the new identity of this amorph revolution.. a new era of Responsibility.
  • If our governments can't understand what democracy looks like and what responsibility means, we will paint and print the responsibility symbol on every wall.



Our Vision is one of a cohesive and efficient community of agents of change, "Repeacers." The seemingly absurd wish to rebrand activism is a very pragmatic decision and strategy.

We are millions of individuals with each his/her own opinion about change and we're being ignored. If we wish to be heard, we have to rely on institutions who are not responsive to our grievances and organizations that are incapable to efficiently deliver our concerns to out highest authorities. When we decide to take the streets, we get beaten, arrested, bludgeoned, often even killed! So we have to rely on organizations, millions of them, groups, movements, new political parties, but we remain small. This is not how empowerment looks like. This is called "Delegating".

To beat the 1% at their own game and to produce cohesion inside a very fragmented and disorganized world of organizations, we use design, marketing, ingenuity to help the 99% reclaim something very basic, and profoundly significant, the narrative on peace. And since we believe that Activism has always been THE peace movement, we actively merge the forces of Activism with the highest human ideal: PEACE.

This will give the 99% a shared purpose and will completely force new rules of engagement on our institutions.

The International Repeace platforms will help you network with local Repeacers and find sustainable, self reliant, empowering solutions, that will feel cohesive, part of a unified will. Taking the pledges is the first simple step of reclamation.