About Repeace

Repeace is a whole different way to do what US culture calls "Activism." Repeace is not a repetition of the "Peace Movement," neither a replacement of peace iconography, but a correction to a wrong approach.

The Repeace campaign is based on the simple fact that all activists realize peace. It isn't war that defines what peace means, it's fear.

Fear may well be THE most basic of biological emotion controlling our behavior. It has very much been exploited by our corrupted governments and owned Media to divide, conquer, deceive and manipulate us. However, fear is also a coin with two faces. The reverse of the coin of fear (the absence of fear), is synonym with PEACE, and shows you the secret to unprecedented unity and empowerment. The dogma of "War & Peace," has literally glued the term peace to the analogy "absence of wars." We challenge this notion as humanity's biggest fallacy. This is the very reason why our Civil Society ("Activism") has no unified will and is so erratic. The very purpose of activism is "peace," because people experience CONFLICTS! As long as we don't examine what that means, we will be stuck in a place of endless competition rather than cooperation. Unless we challenge the unproductive dogma of War&Peace and define the ideal of peace more pratically, we can't seize its power.

By reframing activism as The "Repeace Movement" and The "Peace Process", and by defining activists as "Repeacers," Repeace applies the science of "Framing" (usually subject of political research: see George Lakoff, Elisabeth Wehling) and purely 1% inspired strategies to help activists escape the stigma surrounding social change and protests. Repeace frames the essence of all global grievances in one demand, Responsibility, and organizes self described "Progressives, Lefties, Greens" behind 3 universally shared values: Accountability; Sustainability; Freedom of expression.

Solidarity (consciousness) the missing cohesion inside a very diverse crowd of social activists can materialize in the votes of one united collective, one true community, in 3 online "commitments."

The context:

Social change, "the Civil Society," "global activism," is searching for a new revolutionary theory. There's no time left. Our governments are irresponsible, incompetent, corrupted. They operate without our consensus on main economic, environmental and social issues. They have been hijacked by private interests for a very long time. Our media are owned and function as echo chamber of the wealthy oligarchs. Few journalists have a conscience whatsoever.

Human beings, who have been awaken, and those who are waking up, know all this by now. We keep reading it over and over, how “The system is gamed,” how “The only way out of it is to mobilize the civil society."

Ever since Spartacus revolted against Rome in 72 B.C., activists, revolutionists, have been organizing, trying to reclaim power. The "French 99%" had their own revolution against the 1%. The U.S. Civil Right Movement emerged as a new strategy of dissent: "Non violent resistance", but it failed to produce lasting change for the 99%.

American activism has been the evolutionary breeding ground for dissent for a long time. But dissent has never been welcomed, in the USA or any other nation. Today, the freedom to assemble and organize is being criminalized. Our heroic whistleblowers are being prosecuted, jailed, exiled, free thinkers are vilified and blacklisted. Activists are getting frustrated within a system of engagement that is all but organized, all but efficient. In the aftermath of the American Occupy Wall Street, the newest version of the Civil Rights Movement, a deafening silence is waiting for a "Movement of movements".

Well... "Activism" is the movement of movements, and since its purpose has always been to solve social conflicts, it's time to re-evaluate our approach to peace.

Which Status quo needs to be reformed, the 1% or the 99%?

Chris Hedges reminds us how all the openings in American democracy were created by popular movements: The Liberty Party, that fought slavery; The Suffragettes that fought for women's rights; The old Progressives party, that pushed President Roosevelt into The New Deal; The Civil Rights Movement. But all of these movements never achieved formal political power. They temporarily created the pressure to open the space within American Democracy. But the Elites always shut down the openings again.

The 99% have been consistently silenced, arrested, beaten. Often the state kills free, peaceful, unarmed human beings. It goes to great lengths to prevent and destroy any forms of resistance. When we look at 99%'s next level of representation, organizations, literally millions of them, under the label NGOs, we find a conflicted, disorganized multitude of voices. Many of them are good and profoundly instrumental. However, many others are corrupted and inefficient at best. "Coalitions," campaigns or initiatives aimed at gathering strength feel and look more like publicity stunts and photo ops. They are not making a real dent in the rotten system.

In his tireless work of educating the masses on the dangers of unrestrained Capitalism, Chris Hedges has been meticulous in analyzing the past, to understand the mechanisms of revolt. Have we all missed something that could help humanity out of this mess? Do we need a miracle or will a different way of thinking suffice, to help "Activism" find the "Trigger of Revolt"?